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Jennifer Choban

Current City

Guanajuato, Mexico


Seasoned traveler, avid reader, over-eater, clumsy but determined hiker and wannabe Spanish-speaker.

My Travels

Where I've Been

Most of the US, a lot of Mexico, Europe, Israel, Turkey, Egypt, Fiji, New Zealand, China, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Viet Nam, Honduras, Belize, Guatemala.

Where I want to Go

Everywhere. Top of the wish-list is a three way tie between southern Africa, the Andes (Peru, Bolivia & Ecuador) and Jordan/Turkey. There are only two places that I never wanted to travel to (both in my own country) and I've already been to them both.


Activities & Interests

Travel, hiking, diving, painting, reading. Just started piano lessons- very scary.

Work / Education


Judy – The wonderful Jefa who allows me to squat in her house in exchange for home improvement projects!


Linfield College; Information Technology Institute; Bridge Linguatec TEFL Certification

Rank: Vagabond

Jennifer Choban

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